What Consumers Really Want in a Smartphone

Nearly all Americans own a cell phone (96%) ­— 81% own a smartphone according to Pew Research. Now, after a decade of skyrocketing prices for minimal improvements, consumers are taking the time to choose differently to get what they really want.

To make a smart choice, aside from their own experiences, the majority of smartphone users first look for recommendations from friends, family and colleagues before buying a new device, according to a 2019 ZTE study of 5,000+ U.S. smartphone users. They also consult carrier, manufacturer and shopping sites to see what their fellow consumers think.

When considering their next smartphone purchase, respondents cited the battery life/standby time as the No. 1 factor. Nearly one-quarter are dissatisfied with the duration of charge in their current device, and 11% feel their batteries don’t charge fast enough.

This isn’t surprising seeing that Deloitte’s 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey found that Americans check their phones an average of 52 looks per user per day — that’s 14 billion times collectively.

Getting the Most Smartphone For The Money

Value for money is the second most influential factor when purchasing a smartphone, according to 60% of respondents in the ZTE survey. This sentiment is growing concurrent with rising prices.

In less than 5 years, the price of smartphones on the market has jumped anywhere from 15% to almost 70%. Some flagship devices cost more than the average first-home mortgage payment in the U.S.

Yet, features and functionality have not improved accordingly.

Consumers are increasingly frustrated by this contradiction. They’re cynical about performance and unwilling to pay so much for so little. The dissatisfaction is evident in that they are keeping the phones longer than ever.

During the same time, ZTE prices have remained nearly flat, while improvements have been notable.  U.S. consumers don’t need to be held back by flagship prices delivering less than flagship specs. ZTE allows them to choose smart with meaningful innovation at a value.

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