Stand Out with the New ZTE Blade A7 Prime

The Blade A7 Prime was made available today with Visible for MSRP $99. The next generation of the award-winning Blade series of smartphones, the Blade A7 Prime is perfect for those seeking a reliable, pressure-free option that delivers on design and daily performance.

“The Blade A7 Prime delivers performance with affordability,” said Brad Li, President and CEO, ZTE USA. “We are excited to team up with Visible to bring this quality, inexpensive smartphone, with modern features such as an immersive display and top of the line camera system to customers.”

“Consumers are looking for great value and quality products, and this is why we collaborated with ZTE for the Blade A7 Prime,” said Visible Strategy Chief, Jeremy Bolton. “This phone checks all the right boxes for consumers.”

Design that Breaks from Convention

The unique, matte backing is soft to the touch with a cloth-like texture juxtaposed against the glossy eclipse-shaped fingerprint sensor and unexpected red-colored power button. Form meets function with a wide scanning area that reacts quickly to unlock the phone, take photos, and quick-launch apps. The slim form factor coupled with the 6.09-inch HD+ display maintains a sleek tech-centric design.

Technology that Supports Independence

The Blade A7 Prime is one of the only phones in its price class to offer a 16MP rear- and 5MP front-facing camera. Alongside a high-quality camera, the phone offers 3G of RAM, 32GB of ROM, and a removable MicroSD slot that allows for up to 2TB of additional memory. The Blade A7 Prime is supported by Android 9 Pie operating system and a 3,200mAh battery that feature Smart Power modes to optimize battery life.

Pricing that Pushes the Limits

The Blade A7 Prime is available at for just $99. Beginning soon, new Visible customers can trade in any network-incompatible Android device in exchange for a free Blade A7 Prime when they sign up for one month of service.