If You Give a Kid a Smartphone

If you have not watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix, watch it. Why? You know how we all kind of know social media is bad for us, but can’t quite put our fingers on why? Now we can thanks to this docudrama(ish) movie about the burgeoning field of “growth hacking.” Yes, it has a name!

Growth hacking is a method used by social media and internet browsing apps to acquire and retain users. Basically, it is what gets us hooked. From notifications and reminders to gamification and likes, and the list is growing, rapidly. Researchers are beginning to define the harmful effects growth hacking is having on our mental health and the mental health of future generations.

The Social Dilemma has got to be the perfect name. While parents want to keep their kid’s mental health in check by not giving them phones, what are the chances that not giving them a phone causes issues because kids are ostracized from peers. 

So, how do we keep the future of our youth protected from some of the world’s most well-paid and skilled growth hacking developers? 

When kids are ready for their first phone, the Gabb Z2 solves a major problem for parents by encouraging kids to live beyond the screen. For parents, the phone features 14 essential apps to reduce distraction and removes access to the Internet, games, social media, and app stores to keep kids safe. For kids, it fulfils the need to have a smartphone for connectivity and to thrive socially.

The best thing about Gabb Z2 phone is that you do not have to be a parental control techno-whiz or spend time trying to outsmart growth hackers.

The Gabb Z2 phone is a win for the future of our youth, and perhaps a few more existential tween crises avoided.