How Much Does A Reliable Smartphone Cost?

By Waiman Lam, Vice President, Marketing, ZTE USA

If you are in the market for a smartphone, there are so many options across a wide range of prices. Sometimes, we just go for the most premium and expensive smartphones because we think these phones must offer the best quality and reliability. While this may offer peace of mind, lower priced smartphones are not always necessarily “cheap.”

In fact, at ZTE USA, we are very well known in the industry for offering premium quality and reliability at a lower price. You may have never heard of ZTE because we forgo large advertising and promotional budgets. Instead, we focus on developing a good smartphone experience and pass on the savings directly to our customers. You will likely never see a television ad about ZTE or see our name blanketed across Times Square in New York City. We build our smartphones with your life’s priorities in mind.

We are also well known for having low return rates. We prioritize the reliability of our devices. With more than thirty years of experience in developing and manufacturing mobile devices, we adapted a comprehensive approach to examine not just the hardware and software, but also the material used and the durability of our devices.  

A good example is the new ZTE Blade A7 Prime smartphone. We used a textured hard plastic on the back that provides a more premium design and at the same time can withstand more accidental drops.  

From a software perspective, the ZTE Blade A7 Prime runs nearly stock Android 9.0 with no bloatware. Meaning better ease of use and lifetime performance all around – while the respective hardware configuration can handle daily activities required.  

We deliver this entire package for a retail price of $99, truly an amazing device with a great price. 

You don’t have to take our word for it, here are some consumer comments…

  • “The fingerprint sensor is remarkably fast, battery life is great. I highly recommend this for anyone who doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a phone with updated technology.”
  • “The Axon 10 pro is a great phone. It has everything you want in a flagship. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a killer phone without the killer price.”

There are many more positive reviews that could be added, but you get the idea.  Once you experience a ZTE device, you will wonder why you ever paid so much for a smartphone.

I hope you don’t have to wonder any longer.