Customer Service Fundamentals

By Ed Rayeski Senior Director, Handset & Device Support, ZTE USA

During these challenging and unprecedented times, it is more important than ever that customers feel respected, comforted, and valued. So much has been disrupted in each of our lives that there is a sense that nothing can be counted on anymore. At ZTE USA, we intend to change that perception for our customers. 

We continue to uphold the highest standards of Customer Service to meet their expectations every day.  There are several fundamentals of Customer Care which we live by to provide continuous value to both our end users and our company in the long run.

Be Competent

Learn, learn, learn.  Always improve our skill set in achieving customer satisfaction.  Expand our skills through training, reading, researching new products, and listening to customer input.  Challenge metrics and goals, drive long term success, and improve more thorough outcomes (what gets measured, gets done).  Build trust with each and every customer interaction.

Be Adaptable

Be flexible to evolving customer needs.  Keep listening, internalize learnings from customers and continuously drive for better solutions.  Times are changing and needs, and solutions must change alongside it.  Always be on the lookout for a paradigm shift in thought or process to help our customers.

Be Thorough

Strive for first call resolution every time.  Always work toward closure or a final resolution for a customer.  When they hang up, they should feel as though their issue is behind them and we came through for them.  Say what we will do and then do it.  If something goes wrong, do what we need to do to make it right as quickly as possible. 

Be Human

This is the keystone.  Act with empathy, politeness, and respect to all.  Ensure the customer knows they are the most important person in that moment in time.  Pay attention to their needs, their situation and their concerns.  Actively listen, ask questions and build rapport continuously.  One by one, this is how we strive to build customer trust and relationships.

Whether the product is top of the line or an affordable entry-level device, customer service is the backbone to create successful, long term customer relationships. Truly satisfied customers become repeat customers of companies they can trust.  If an issue arises, we work hard to ensure long-term happiness by practicing these customer service fundamentals daily.

We are all connected for a purpose, and happiness is calling.